M & D Board


This board is useful for teaching multiplication and division for all ages. It is based off of Montessori methods and ideology. Working with this board fosters independent learning and logical reasoning, rather than rote memorization. Whether the learner learns best visually, kinetically, or auditory, this board teaches mathematical reasoning that appeals to all learning senses. Additionally, our design of this product comes with dipped surface where beads go. This prevents messiness and wasted time in trying to keep track of every bead.

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This is a Montessori based math teaching tool for multiplication and division. It has been redesigned for the improved use of learners and a more focused learning experience. Board is made of solid wood and is handcrafted. As well as a convenient box with number tabs, beads, and placement tabs.

All boards come with easy to follow instructions so anyone can use it! This is a great way to  incorporate Montessori and sensory learning into your routine to improve logic skills while improving math skills.




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