TPGM Calendar


A customizable calendar that will never go to waste due to the fact that YOU dictate when you use it and need it. There’s a place for you to add month and days, as well as your monthly TPG’s, your to-do, goals, and projects. Finally, you are always encouraged with a motivational quote and an amazing image!

It comes sealed and with a top hole to place it wherever you like.


  • To Do Lists
  • Projects
  • Goals
  • Motivation

These are the crucial components to lead a productive life where YOUR goals are accomplished, you feel satisfied, and you stay on the right path. This is why we have added that to each page of our calendar. Every month, you will have a new place to write down the TPG and you will have a motivational quote to lift you whenever you may need it. Additionally, it is 100% customizable! You input the month and the days. It is never too late in the year to get on the right track, so, for whenever you are ready, you will have our calendar.


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